Our primary market region is the Pacific Southwest Imperial Valley and San Diego domestic markets and the Triangle from Tijuana to Ensenada to Mexicali; this mega region has the highest GDP in Mexico. It has a high saturation of Industrial Maquiladoras. Most of which have no direct rail service nor are geographically able to have track built in. This location is opening many opportunities to handle a large variety of products for the bi- national export business, together with an “as needed service" for our regional agriculture and heavy industrial development, as well many local freight forwarding agents; custom house brokers; including the backdoor logistics for the supply chain serving the pacific southwest metro regions of San Diego and Los Angeles. 


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Imperial Railport operates out of several facilities located in Imperial County. These properties have existing rail service that accommodate warehousing and distribution, with buildings for inside storage and lay down storage areas outside for staging projects. 


Rail Development Group

Rail and Road SOLUTIONS for Agriculture and Industry